I must withdraw, I cannot stay
Your presence lingers when you leave
Your scent tortures me
When I lay in bed I pretend you are there writhing beside me
Your kiss felt like a permanent residence, my dream home
There, a garden in full bloom
What’s real and what’s imagined blurs more and more
The longer we talk, the deeper my affection grows
This connection, I must break
This feeling, I must spurn
Let me say, my intentions are pure
I would never place my force upon you
I know that you’re a bird
I want you to be free to be you
My heart yearns on, but I can no longer spare my love
I cannot pretend like this means nothing
I must run away and hurt me before you hurt me
Kills us before this kills me
Your list of women ever so long
Your affections spread wherever you go
And I..
Want more than this, deserve more than this..
You’re a rose in mid-bloom but dear
I must allow you to do just that

Leave a Message


I dread the thought of your voicemail, even to this day
I planned this call
I built it up
A mental house of cards
This would be the call of all calls
This conversation would end all contemplation
It would stroke my ego heavily
You would tell me everything that I ever wanted to hear you say
It would end perfectly
…Just as we are about to fall asleep or maybe 45 minutes after the end of the work day, or maybe even…
I thought of all the times that I could call, the different days..
The many things that I could say
Hour by hour I enumerated until I finally worked up the urge..

You have reached the voicemail box of….




I pose left and right
Different angles highlight the different cultures that make up my being
Sometimes black and sometimes from the Philippines
My hue infused by the Cherokee
Splashes of red and brown
The German side hides subdued by more dominant genes
Eyes small with a slant that’s slight
Seeing everything as it should be
My hair porous, long and sleek
Lips full and pink
Pieces all apart of me
Materials sewn together that complete me
No I will not and cannot choose one
Nor will I be reduced to a mere label
I will pose and show off each
I am proud and unique


An Open Letter to the Administration of the University of Virginia


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Originally posted on My Thoughts:

Dear President Sullivan and the UVA Administration,

As I begin writing this letter, I already worry about the possibility of it falling on deaf ears and being lost in the flurry of media contacts, damage control efforts, and alumni and parent outrage that must surely be coursing through the highest offices of UVA right now. If President Sullivan (or should I say her PR team)’s emotionless response letter yesterday was any indication, UVA’s administration is already in a tone-deaf defense mode, emphatically trying to salvage the school’s reputation rather than deal with the disturbing issues at hand. However, if there is anything UVA taught me, it is that my voice can and should be heard so I intend to share my feelings on the matter.

While at UVA, I was deeply involved both in Greek life and in student government. I served as the Vice President of the College Council…

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